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Sunday, July 17, 2005
  Destination tonight: take… take… take me to the Gay Bar!
Night life is one of the best parts in Beijing. Pubs and bars on average are not decorated as posh as the ones in Shanghai, but there is such a huge amount and variety here to compensate. There are archaized pubs along the banks of Houhai canal. In a typical summer night, willows would swing with the breezes, and tourists are brought to different pubs by the pedicabs groups after groups. This is the very heart of Beijing – Houhai used to be the very fond garden of the Chinese emperor. But if you think the tempo is too slow here, there’s always another centre of night life – Sanli Tun. Loads of pubs and disco bars are piled along the sides of the two streets of Sanli Tun, most of which are decorated in modern and westernised styles. If you find the price of drinking reasonable, it’s always an ideal option to have a bar crawl here. However, pubs in Sanli Tun might be too much alike from one to another, so there are a lot more choices scattering around the city of Beijing. The bar we went to tonight is one of the most popular gay bars in Beijing recently, called Destination, located near the west gate of Stadium of Workers (Gongren tiyu chang). Mentioned on the name of the stadium, I just realized it is still after a Communist fashion, but things around this building have changed so much and become very much liberated from that ideal reign: the very expensive and privileged Henessy club that only rich people can afford to go, Mix and Vics in the Eastern Gate of the Stadium that cater mostly the music taste of the former enemies, and Destination which serves for this group that people were ashamed to mention about twenty years ago. Anyway, although having been told that Destination is very popular, it took us quite a fuss to find out where it is. An odd outlook it has, looks like an iron box – very difficult to distinguish from the tide of the night. We arrived quite early that we were almost the first two to sit down in the bar. But we didn't wait long, these beautiful boys rushed in after a certain time. Cindy even found a boy from Changsha to accompany her train journey travelling back. They all guessed we were lesbians. Well, lesbianism is quite a fun game to play, too. After several good dances with the boys, we left the sweaty house, and what met us first was the crowd of boys who are waiting outside. Last time when I went to another gay bar called OnOff, the crowd was as big. So I wasn’t surprised. Both of them are crazy bars, just Destination is smaller, but more intimate. So if you come here to see me, and want to have a night out, be careful, I might take you to the gay bars!
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