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Thursday, February 23, 2006
So let's call him Georgio, like all the other stereotypically Mediterranean men are called. But hold on a minute, don't link him to those erotic Latin lovers just yet. He's a serious man. He goes to one of the most pretigious university in the world, and his mind is stuffed with complexities - full-headed, and all the time. For example, he listens to the professor so attentively that he even forgets to spare some space for the late comers who want to sit beside him - which definitely looks very impolite in an obsessively polite country where his university happens to locate in. Another example will be, he never really turns his head left and look at the Oriental girl sitting next to him. I wouldn't mention it if she is just one of those mundane university babes. She is of course, a stunning brainy beautiful who you can tell just by looking at her. Georgio never looks. Of course it's not racism, everybody loves oriental beauties, and their skin colour is out of the question of sex. Moreover, Georgio is not only a good student, he is also a critical one - he's the only one dare to question the professor who is the most acclaimed in the field at contemporary age. Professor took inspirations from his questions.

Yes, this is Georgio whom I don't know much about.

One day Georgio wrote an email to me, while he didn't know he was writing to the person sitting in the darkest corner of his classroom and never even dare to fart, let alone make a voice.

Georgio writes:

Hi there, I've always had this thing for Oriental women. I sit next to an Oriental babe in my workplace, I have always been eracted for that particular time when I m next to her. I think you are sexy, too. Do you want to drop a line at 07**********, I'm sure we will have great fun. A little bit about me: I'm 5ft20, Mediterranean, and I am very passionate... (<-50 words omitted here) The picture attached is not the best, but you get the idea, please reply with more pictures.

(Ten days ago I put up a mischevious personal ad with a half naked Japanese porn start picture online, replies have snowed my mailbox since.)

Georgio showed his penis, and his belly is quite folded up with fat, he is hairy, he looks desperate, his eyes lost with lust, the lipsline which was always tighten up in the lectures got tightened up a bit, he is not sexy at all in the picture, just as he usually is in the lectures.

So this is the Georgio I know.

I never fancied Georgio.
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