Male Phobia
Friday, April 21, 2006
  J and K
We switched on iTunes. He tried to make a new playlist. Music to embrace him and me. I said,

'No no, I love Lou Reed, but it is not the music for you and me...'

It was the music he played, she said to herself.

'I don't like Lou Reed anyway.' He said to himself.

He put on some Aerosmith. She did not know how to decline his choice again, so she frowned and endured.

So I reserved the frown in my mind and I endured.

'I don't like Aerosmith' I murmured to myself in my mind.

Some orange setting-sunshine leaked to the room through the windows, it spreaded evenly on my tommy where he pillowed his head. The music flew, time goes away like water. Then the summer breezes sneaked in, the room was filled with chilling fresh air. It's time to get dressed and go.

'Ok I have to go.' He said, he meant it.

'Have a nice journey home!' I said.

That was the only English phrase I knew besides saying goodbye.

'I must have been stupid.' She said to herself.
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